Electronic Weapons Article Archive 2006



Extra Eyeballs for Infantry CommandersGlobal Hawk Gets Death RayLiving With Unexpected Failure
Chinese AWACS in the AirChinese Play With Their ToysThe Only War We've Got
British Radar Zaps Passing Cars Hot New HARM Pods Arrive Early Too Precious To Use
Jammers You Can Carry Growler Leaves the Ground Death Ray Dies of Fear
Longbow Dies In the MountainsBabble Bites Back EP-3 Gets Cranked
Seven Ounce Wrist Computer USAF Puts DSL Into the Air Killer Camo For Terrorists
Smart Dust Stalked Zarqawi The Electronic Bubble Thermal Imaging for the Infantry
Smart Sensors Seek Suicide Bombers JSTARS Detects IED Attacks IED Zappers Start an Arms Race
Cheap Is Good in China Battle Tested Stopgaps Death From Above
The Chinese Code Bandits JSTARS Gets BFT China Attacks, No One Notices
Defending the Biggest Cyber War Target Poles Get Israeli Jammers For Iraq Service

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