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p> July 12, 2007: Cargo containers have found a new use on the battlefield, as housing. The standard 20 and 40 foot containers are regularly retained, after they arrive at a combat zone and are emptied of their cargo. There are firms that supply kits for quickly transforming the containers into living quarters or workspace. In addition, firms like HESCO provide kits to armor the containers, providing protection from bullets and bomb fragments. Now HESCO has created a simple way to protect occupied containers from direct hits. This kit consists of metal reinforcements for the roofs of containers (which are often bunched together). Then one meter (39 inch) square boxes are put on top, and filled with dirt. This will protect people in the containers from the largest weapons (122mm rockets) used by terrorists in Afghanistan or Iraq. The 122mm rocket carries about fifty pounds of explosives, and tests have shown that the HESCO overhead protection will keep people inside safe from that. Some of the metal "Mil 3" containers of dirt, however, will have to be replaced. The new system is first being used in Afghanistan, where small bases are set up in areas full of hostile tribesmen, who have access to 107mm and 122mm rockets. These things are not very accurate, but even the most inaccurate unguided rockets can get lucky once in a while.