Air Weapons Article Archive 2016



Something For The Russian ThreatPoland Orders Additional Stealthy Missiles to Scare RussiaSPICEing Up The F-16
Hellfire Spiked In IsraelSmaller, Safer, CheaperLOCUST Powered Swarmware
Taurus Overcomes Chinese SpiesRussia Rebrands Its Stealth Cruise MissileJSOW Finds A Purpose
Known But Not Seen In UseTaurus Gets The Secret IngredientUSAF Agrees With The USMC
SGM Complements GriffinThe Smaller And Cheaper AlternativeSidewinder Goes Long And Blind
UAE Needs A Lot More HellfireHellfire Over AfricaRetiring To Iraq
Smaller Smart Missiles For Fast MoversAustralia Arms Its F-35sIndia Tries To Survive A Broken ARM
Turkey Buys Bunker BustersLittle Griffin GrowsEvolution Beats Revolution
Green Dragons For The Men In GreenFatal PatienceRussia Improvises
Raad Saves Illegal HarpoonSmaller, Cheaper, More Flexible And ReliableVariable Yield High Explosives
Storm Shadow RisingLearning From Failure In Serbia

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