Air Weapons Article Archive 2013



Killer Penguins Defend New ZealandBarrel Bombs Appeal To Bad ActorsMake It So
Stinger Takes To The SkiesThe Excellent SDB Still Seeks WorkOld Reliable
Mini-Brimstone ArrivesTOW FadesHockey Pucks From Hell
The American Stand Off Air Attack On SyriaPaveway IV EnhancedAMRAAM Annoys North Korea
New Radar Killers For OzNew Chinese Heavy Bomber Aimed At American TargetsSidewinder Sustains Its Market Superiority
Israeli Smart SpiceMOP Auditions For Iran AttackMali Makes France Do It Faster
Britain Wallows In Hellfire And BrimstoneJSOW Is Upgraded For War Against ChinaThe Singapore Sling
Indian Smart BombsF-22 Caught ShortRussia Creates A Hyper-Speed Harpoon
Cheaper Precision Missiles Are BetterGunships And Ancient 40mm Greek TreasureDeeper, Deeper, Oh Please Deeper
Chinese Mighty Mystery MissileTurkey Accessorizes Its F-16sIsrael Stocks Up On JDAM

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