Air Weapons: Message In A Bottle


February 8, 2009: European weapons manufacturer MBDA has developed a new model of the standard NATO (U.S. Mk 84) one ton penetrator bomb. The CMP 1000 has a different shape. It looks like a bottle, with the narrower front end consisting of harder metal and an array of "teeth" to aid in penetrating concrete. MBDA won't say what the improved penetration is, but its apparently sufficient to attract lots of attention from potential customers. The CMP 1000 underwent testing last year, and will be shipping this year. The new bomb shape also produces superior blast and fragmentation effect. The shape of the CMP 1000, however, fits within the dimensions of the standard one ton bomb, thus allowing the new weapon to be used by any aircraft that can handle the current one ton bomb. MBDA also offers a GPS guidance and range extension (to 50 kilometers, via two small wings) kit (the AASM) for the CMP 1000.






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