Warplanes: A UAV For Coastal Patrol Boats


July 19, 2016: In 2011 a Russian firm developed a lightweight UAV, the Zala 421-16E, for use by crews of small coastal patrol boats. The 421-16E has gone through several upgrades since then and the current version (421-16EM) has a launch weight of seven kg (15 pounds) and carries a one kg (2.2 pound) payload. This consists of a 16 megapixel camera (for video and still photos). Endurance of the 421-16EM is nearly three hours and top speed is 110 kilometers an hour and cruise speed is 65 kilometers an hour. Control range is up to 50 kilometers although you can only get real time video at up to 25 kilometers. The 421-16EM can be programmed to use its GPS/GLONASS navigation system to follow a specific route and return. The 421-16EM is launched via a small catapult and lands using a parachute. The 421-16EM will float for 5-10 minutes if it lands in the water. The 421-16E has been in use with Russian naval and land forces for several years.




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