Warplanes: Nigeria Buys Pakistani


July 15, 2016: Nigeria has ordered ten Super Mushshak training aircraft from Pakistan. The Super Mushshak is an updated version of the Swedish (Saab) MFI-17, which Pakistan been building, under license, since 1981. The Super Mushshak began production in 1996. Since 1981 Pakistan has built nearly 300 Mushshak and Super Mushshak trainers. In the past Pakistan has exported both Mushshak models to other Middle Eastern air forces, but most of them were used by Pakistan itself.

Super Mushshak is a 1.2 ton single engine, three seat aircraft. Max speed is 268 kilometers an hour while cruising speed is 240 kilometers. Typical endurance is about four hours. With one pilot the Super Mushshak can carry up to 300 kg (660 pounds) of rockets or machine-guns under the wings.

Super Mushshak pricing is flexible to account for local customs and fees.




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