Warplanes: Japan Rolls Its Own


June 5, 2007: Japan has rolled out the prototypes for its new military transport (the C-X) and maritime patrol aircraft (P-X). Both were developed in Japan, at a cost of nearly $3 billion. Up to 44 C-X aircraft will replace existing C-1 and C-130 transports, while up to 80 P-X will replace American made P-3 patrol aircraft.

The C-X is a 141 ton, twin engine aircraft with a crew of three and able to carry up to 26 tons of military cargo. Japan is planning a commercial model that can carry 37 tons. The aircraft can go 10,000 kilometers empty, or 5,600 kilometers with 37 tons.

The P-X looks like an American P-3 with swept wings and four jet engines. But, in fact, the P-X shares many components with the C-X. The P-X is designed to have similar capabilities to the American P-8, which is also still in development.




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