Russia: Dignity Defended


February23, 2007: After being closed for fifteen years (since the Russian backed government was overthrown by tribal rebels in 1992), the rebuilt Russian embassy was officially opened in Kabul, Afghanistan.

February 22, 2007: The government has allowed senior defense officials to make noise about the new American anti-ballistic missile systems being set up in Poland and the Czech Republic. The system is there mainly to protect Europe from Iranian or North Korean missiles, but such a system could also stop Russian missiles. This is fine with most Europeans, but not with the Russians.

February 12, 2007: The government will spend about $25 billion a year over the next eight years, to buy new weapons and equipment for the armed forces. This would result in a force of some 18 tank, infantry and airborne divisions, plus a navy with under a hundred major warships (but lots more small stuff for coast guard work.)

February 10, 2007: The government is getting very touchy about criticism of its diplomatic and arms sales policies. Basically, the Western nations (and Russia still isn't considered one), are not happy with the Russian policy of selling weapons to anyone who can pay. Russia needs the sales to keep its ailing (since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991) arms industries going, and because it strokes national pride. International arms sales are a sign of being a major world power. But selling to the scum of the earth, does have a PR downside.

February 9, 2007: The government is willing to provide equipment and weapons to help out in Afghanistan, as well as intelligence, but not troops.




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