Infantry Article Archive 2007


3,000 More Combat Robots OrderedBulletproof Plates Stop Armor Piercing BulletsInnovations Invented by Idiots
The Sting That Saves LivesLand Warrior Makes Itself UsefulMore Basic For Basics
The Cylons Among UsToys On The BattlefieldMarines Talking To The Higher Powers
Good Things Come In Small PackagesTeaching More Airmen to Deal With TortureYet Another Improved Protective Vest
Oh, the Horror, the HorrorSailors as SoldiersArmed Robots Roam Iraq
The Dragon Skin DilemmaLand Warrior's Hidden GemsLet Me Free to Be Speedy
You're In The Narmy NowLearning to AccessorizeThe Night Shift
Now Mandatory For Marines To Master Martial ArtsMiniature Helicopter UAV in IraqNew Chinese Camis Go Digital
Words as WeaponsShake a Leg To Save Your LifePolitically Correct Body Armor Sucks
Portable Rockets, Must Have More Portable RocketsDragon Skin DeconstructedDanger Zones to Remember
Indian Troops Demand Night VisionCombat Simulators for the InfantrySniper Detection Systems Smarten Up
Son of Land Warrior Evolves in the WildSUGV, Son of PackBotIsraeli Reservists Get Their Chops Back
Thinking Like the Enemy By Being the EnemyTraining for the War After IraqNew Body Armor Design
The Armed Robots Speak HebrewThe Dangers of Distributed OperationsWartime Rifle Training Returns
Land Warrior Died For Our SinsCombat Uniforms Evolve On The Fast TrackRobots Allowed to Point, But Not Shoot
Big Bullet BluesMaking Life Tough for SnipersSingapore Seeks Autonomous Combat Robots
Security Camera Counters SnipersIsraeli Women Train Urban WarriorsLeave No Man Behind
Good VibrationsWinter Joins the U.S. ArmyDefeating Noise
Sleep as a Weapon



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