Infantry Article Archive 2012


Two Battalions That Should Never MeetPlug And PressGet Light To Fight Or Die
Deadly Defects Detected And Disposed OfThe Way Of The SniperHappy Trails
The Renaissance Of CompetenceDirt That TalksMICH The Comfortable Life Saver
If It Works For Special Forces...The Experimental Chinese Mech InfantryIsraeli Women Turning Away From Combat Duty
Introducing The Handmade InstaFortThe New, Improved Brown Boot ArmySobaka Stalina
Lightweight Warm and DryPikes Defeat Bombs U.S. Army Adopts SOCOM Camo
Throwbots Get EarsGermany Builds A High Tech WarriorA Secret Hiding Place
Backpack Guided MissilesDroids That Can Pass The Smell TestThrowing Off The Weight Of Good Intentions
Learning to Play Well With OthersBackpacking The WoundedMechanical Mule Makes Itself Sort Of Useful
Russia Revives Their Sniper TraditionIsraeli Tunnel SenseThe Weight Won't Go Away
Better Battle BriefsDroid Tossing To SurviveEscaping From Death And Victory
Possibly Innovative Russian Mine DetectorIsraeli Paratroopers PrepareRussian Soldiers You Can Rely On
Snipers RuleLearning To Make The Most Of Portable Artillery



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