NBC Weapons: Chinese Biowar Laboratories in California


March 21, 2024: A Chinese biowar lab was discovered in Southern California last year, but the ensuing drip of news indicates it was extremely amateurish. The whole thing is puzzling absent an understanding that China itself is rife with such labs. The situation is both less and more alarming for the United States.

Chinese are hyper-aware of how historically fragile their present unified state is. China has spent most of the past 3000 years fragmented into several contending states, or warlordism and anarchy. Stable unity has been the exception. The period of troubles when a dynasty is falling is called Fall of the Mandate of Heaven. Watching for, and fantasizing about, signs of this are common. Local Chinese leaders, currently civil government officials responsible for various political and geographic areas, economic interests, and so on, tend to carry this watchfulness to extremes. If The Fall ever happens, they can endeavor to prosper or at least survive.

What local leaders have that most Chinese lack is money and power to actually prepare for the Fall of the Mandate of Heaven. The leaders have control over official funding of the institutions they lead which provides lucrative graft and corruption opportunities, though some must also be shared with more senior government officials. They can’t use too much of that income for conspicuous consumption lest they be suspected of insufficient sharing and turned over to central government anti-corruption officials.

This creates conflicts between security and the common desire to seek social status through ostentatious displays of wealth. Such conflicts are where the California biowar lab originated. These leaders use other ways to compete with their peers, in a manner similar to the sexual competition of French aristocrats in the movie, Dangerous Liaisons. In the current case it means making themselves better prepared than their competitors for the Fall of the Mandate of Heaven and a period of civil wars where only the strong survive.

One of their worst case plans is preparation for biological warfare against their enemies after Chinese unity collapses. The suicidal nature of this inside China is no deterrent. They’re Chinese and this is part of their culture. It’s all about bragging rights as my biowar lab is better than yours! The California biowar lab is a good example of the low end of such labs. They’re more storage sites for ready to use biowar agents, with possibly minor production potential.

There may be a few private leaders’ labs in China with research potential but those would be expensive with major security problems concerning the central government. It is more likely that any such labs in China more sophisticated than the California one are production sites for biowar agents to be periodically distributed to storage labs.

There are probably hundreds of such private biowar labs in China and possibly thousands. The central government hasn’t cracked down on those much, or at all, because its span of control is declining, shown by the central government’s 2023 discoveries that its strategic nuclear weapons, warship production and combat aircraft production programs were crippled by corruption similar those which crippled Russia’s war effort in Ukraine. The lids of newly built Chinese ICBM silos can’t open, and many if not most warships and modern combat aircraft could not operate in combat, or at all, due to construction defects and/or insufficient spare parts. There are many indications of stress and loss of control within Chinese President Xi’s government.

China’s California biowar lab itself is one. It is unmistakably of Chinese origin since its creator was captured but is simply too amateurish to be state-sponsored, and it exactly fits the profile of the private leaders’ labs in China. There is one other indicator of such private military action – the Chinese spy balloon which floated over the United States last year. Some contend that this was ordered by an intelligence subordinate because he thought President Xi would approve. Something like that explains why China’s California lab was created.

A case can be made that the Chinese government has been waging a covert war on America for years. At least a few of the Chinese with biowar labs in China would certainly presume government approval for creation of similar labs in America, plus that would give them far greater bragging rights and status among their peers.

China’s government has lost control of its regional leaders, who are now waging private wars against America. With weapons of mass destruction. Had it been an official Chinese government biowar lab, that would have been an overt act of war. Fortunately, it wasn’t, but it is still a big problem because the California lab is unlikely to be the only one, and we absolutely dare not assume it was.

And at least some of these idiots would deploy the biowar weapons in their secret American labs in the event of a US-Chinese war over Taiwan. It is almost inconceivable that China’s government would do so as that would result in a genocidal war of annihilation in which the Chinese Communist Party would be destroyed even if China survives. Their regional leaders don’t think that far ahead because they’ve already built these hideously dangerous things in China.

Protecting ourselves against these secret biowar labs here requires two things. We must deport almost all Chinese nationals to make finding the labs easier, and we must dramatically reduce China’s hard currency income, so these idiots lack the funds for the labs. The latter can be done with a ban on import of Chinese goods and goods containing Chinese-made content. Ten percent of China’s exports, by value, go to the United States and probably about another five percent derives from Chinese content in non-Chinese products.

But corruption in America prevents that. Many powerful Americans have received millions of dollars from China and that makes them tolerant of Chinese misbehavior in the United States. -- Tom Holsinger




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