NBC Weapons: More Stryker Substance Seekers Secured




December 23, 2007: The U.S. Army is buying another 95 M1135 Stryker NBCRV (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle) vehicles. The first 21 were bought two years ago, mainly for evaluation and field testing. Some were sent to Iraq, where they performed well. The army wants to eventually have 355 of these vehicles, providing each of the army's 40 Chemical Warfare companies with six of them, while each of the seven Stryker brigades get three. The U.S. has never had a vehicle like the NBCRV, and during the 1991 Gulf War, depended on Czech NBCRV vehicles to do the job. The Stryker NBCRV vehicle keeps the crew protected from any contamination, and contains detection equipment that provides a lower (than previous equipment) false alarm rate. The sensors carried attempt to detect nuclear, biological or chemical threats in small enough quantities that nearby troops can be warned to get their protective gear on before much damage is done. The Stryker NBCRV can move about quickly on roads, or cross country, and can be transported in a C-130 (or larger) air transport. The detection equipment in the Stryker NBCRV is being reconfigured so that it can operate as a separate unit, for stationary operation.




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