Uganda: January 20, 2004


An army unit moving the corpse of Yadin Tolbert Nyeko, the LRA's acting commander, repulsed a rebel assault intended to recover their leader's body. The day before, Yadin was killed by a helicopter gunship rocket while trying to escape troops that had surrounded him. The surrounding forest burnt down from the expended ordnance and the army hauled off Yadin's body while leaving 17 other rebels' bodies for the carrion.

Meanwhile, some of the 86 LRA rebels who were recently granted amnesty are protesting the lack of promised financial and physical aid. They gathered at an Amnesty commission office in northern Uganda to demand the cash, mattresses, blankets, hoes, pangas, axes and seeds they were promised to help them resettle. The Ugandan government figured that it was cheaper to buy off the fighters than hunt them down, but they now need to follow up on their duties or risk alienating not only those who surrendered, but those who might give up as well. - Adam Geibel




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