Thailand: The Holiday Bombs and Terrorist Dreams


December 23, 2005: In the south, a bomb was placed under a car near a police station. When the bomb went off, six people, including two policemen, were injured. Police reported that a security camera had got pictures of those who planted the bomb. The end of the year holidays bring a surge of Western tourists to south Thailand. The Islamic terrorists want to ruin the economy in the south, so they can create enough unrest to enable them to take over and establish an Islamic Republic. Not likely to happen, but the many criminal gangs are for anything that keeps the cops busy.

December 22, 2005: Islamic terrorists killed two people in the south, beheading one man.

December 20, 2005: The Australian government has warned its citizens of the risk of terrorist attacks in south Thailand over the holidays.

December 16, 2005: In the capital, a small bomb went off in front of the Interior Ministry. There were no injuries, but the message was apparently directed at counter-terrorist operations in the south.




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