Thailand: Martial Law Spreads


November 4, 2005: The army has declared martial law in several districts of the three southern Moslem provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala. Violence by Islamic terrorists continues on a regular basis. Police believe that most of the terrorists are amateurs, many of whom are intent on gaining professional status. This can be dangerous, as this week, a man was found dead after apparently setting off a terrorist bomb he was trying to plant. Despite the large number of bombs planted, much of the violence is gun related, with terrorists shooting at, and often hitting, non-Moslems, or Moslems who are opposed to the terrorism.

November 2, 2005: As if the government doesn't have enough problems with Moslem terrorists in the south, there is an increase in gang related violence in the area as well. Recently, a newspaper editor (who had been exposing organized crime activities) and a Dutch gangster were killed by gang hit men.

November 1, 2005: In the southern city of Narathiwat, 14 bombs went off, and so did the lights. Three of the bombs knocked down transmission lines, the rest, all low power, went off outside public buildings. Only three people were wounded.




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