Thailand: Terrorists Trained by Media and Internet


October 13, 2005: The government is banning the use of unregistered ("calling card") cell phones in the south, as part of its campaign against terrorists. The unregistered cell phones are popular with remotely controlled bombs, or for terrorist activities. The government will also try to improve security for civilians in Moslem villages that many terrorists have come from, to make it safe for villagers to give information to the police.

October 11, 2005: Teachers in Moslem schools in the south are being arrested and tried for teaching that separatism of the three southern provinces (into a new Islamic state) is justified. At least eight teachers have been charged so far.

October 10, 2005: Local and foreign terrorism experts agree that the Islamic terrorism in the south is not getting much, if any, support from foreign terrorist groups. The Thai Islamic terrorists are inspired by what they see in the media, and know about terrorist techniques from what they can find on the Internet.

October 8, 2005: The prime minister ordered the security forces to increase their efforts in the Moslem south. A particular problem is terrorism, by Islamic radicals, against Moslem Thais who cooperate with the police. This largely shuts up most of the population down south, and making it very difficult to hunt down the terrorists.




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