Thailand: July 13, 2005


The Islamic terrorists war against education in the Moslem south is working. So far, about ten percent of the 10,000 teachers in the south have fled, and another 25 percent plan to leave. The Islamic terrorists see schools as the major obstacle to radicalizing the Moslem youth in the south. Islamic religious schools compete with the state supported schools. The Islamic radicals are also opposed to the education of women. Nearly 20,000 people have fled the south so far this year, nearly all of them non-Moslems. There are several hundred thousand of these "infidels" in the south, and the Islamic terrorists want them all out so that an Islamic dictatorship can be established in the three southern provinces. The government is desperate to keep teachers in the south, and is distributing 3,000 bullet proof vests, and trying to get pistols for the 2,000 teachers who have applied for pistol permits. 




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