Sri Lanka: May 24, 2000


LTTE rebels began attacking additional towns in eastern Jaffna, and shot down a helicopter gunship (a Russian Mi-24)..  The government has urged India to get the LTTE to negotiate. India has little leverage with the LTTE, as India considers the LTTE a terrorist organization and has outlawed them. Another problem in Jaffna is that most of the population, although ethnic Tamils, are not looking forward to being ruled by the LTTE once more. The LTTE ruled Jaffna from 1990 (after the Indians left) until 1995 (when the government tossed the LTTE out). The LTTE rule was harsh. There were high taxes, harsh punishments for any suspected of disloyalty and constant attempts to recruit young people for suicide squads or combat units. Air Force continued their bombing raids on LTTE positions in Jaffna. 


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