Sri Lanka: Busted In Australia


May 7,2007: In the north, skirmishing continues to result in up to a hundred casualties a day. Both sides have patrols out trying to gather information on enemy defenses and plans. The air force is using information gathered by these patrols to launch more effective bombing attacks. A major push against the LTTE in the north is expected eventually. But with the falling morale of the LTTE fighters, waiting for more of them to surrender is another option.

May 5, 2007: In eastern Sri Lanka, hundreds of LTTE fighters continue to battle soldiers and police. Few of these LTTE diehards seem inclined to surrender, and it appears most of them will keep fighting until captured or killed.

May 4, 2007: Off the north coast, the navy sank two LTTE boats. The LTTE is having an increasingly difficult time getting ammo and other supplies out of southern India and into Sri Lanka.

May 3, 2007: India is installing more radars on its southern coast, to better monitor LTTE movements between India and Sri Lanka.

May 1, 2007: Australian police began making arrests in the Tamil expatriate community, in an effort to halt illegal LTTE fundraising. About a quarter of the $10-20 million a year raised by the LTTE is believed to come from Tamils in Australia. There, the police appear to have infiltrated the fund raising network, and recruited informers to provide detailed information. As is the case in other countries with Tamil expatriate populations, the fund raisers use coercion to get the money. Since the LTTE is considered a terrorist organization, these coercive tactics were particularly troubling to the Australian police. The fund raisers were also found to be involved with credit card fraud and smuggling (drugs and people). Meanwhile, in Switzerland, fighting between factions of the Tamil community left at least six injured, before police could intervene. The police crackdowns in most Tamil exile communities has created sharp, and violent, divisions in those communities.


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