Sri Lanka: Rebels Leaders Ready To Run Away


February12, 2007: In the north, the army and LTTE forces continue to exchange mortar and artillery fire. The navy sank an LTTE boat off the coast, killing eight rebels. Army and navy patrols are more frequent, and more likely to chase away any LTTE they encounter. Morale is not good among the LTTE, and senior leaders are believed making preparations to flee the country. They would then lead the rebellion from exile. But since the LTTE has been declared a terrorist organization in most countries, it might be difficult to find a nation that would host the leaders of an active terrorist movement.

February 9, 2007: In the capital, police arrested another Sinhalese member of a terrorist cell, and seized more explosives and weapons.

February 8, 2007: Police have broken a terror cell in the capital, which was run by three Sinhalese. These men were helping kill fellow Sinhalese because they believed the government was corrupt. In the north, the air force bombed another LTTE naval base, destroying boats used for suicide attacks and smuggling weapons from India.

February 7, 2007: LTTE rebels killed a Hindu priest for having earlier blessed the Sril Lankan president during a visit to the largely Tamil (and thus Hindu) north. The LTTE is increasing its terror campaign against Tamils who do not support the rebellion. This has caused some Tamil politicians to receive police protection, and to send their families abroad (to Britain or Canada).


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