Philippines: Terrorizing Fish


November 11, 2007: A man described as a former Palestinian terrorist was arrested, for illegally entering the country, in the south. The suspect had been seen in an MILF camp seven years ago. Police are trying to determine if the suspect has any connection with current terrorism activities.

November 10, 2007: The chief lawyer for the elections commission was killed by a gunman. The victim was investigating election fraud, and that may have had something to do with his death.

November 9, 2007: A large explosion outside the capital destroyed a concrete building, and several others. Six people died. Investigators quickly discovered it wasn't terrorism, but men making explosives for fishing. After tossing these bombs into the water, the fish stunned by the explosion float on the surface and are easily collected. It's an illegal way to fish, but still popular. Most stolen bomb making materials go into things like illegal fishing, not terrorism.

In the south, three soldiers were wounded when they clashed with a group of NPA rebels.

November 6, 2007: On Jolo, six soldiers, and a number of Abu Sayyaf rebels, were wounded in a clash.

November 5, 2007: On Basilan, marines killed Abu Sayyaf commander Abdul Karim Jamjali, who was involved with the 2001 kidnapping of 20 people, including three Americans, from a resort.




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