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Morale, Murder and a Long WarMoslems Join In Hunt for TerroristsSending In More Marines
New Tactics in the Search for TerroristsThe Latest Bomb Designs from IndonesiaChasing Communists
The Nostalgia WarGangbustersTerrorist Bombers Bumble, But Keep Trying
Moslems Move Against Islamic TerroristsCommandos Sent After CommunistsClan Politics
The Great Terrorist Round UpAbu Sayyaf On The RunThe Great Chase
Refreshing Changes in the ArmyElite Troops Disbanded For DisloyaltyTerrorists on the Run
Moslem Militants Continue to Battle Each OtherWar on Communism ContinuesTerrorist Camps Protected By Peace Talks
Uprising in the SouthBombs With No Return AddressReal Estate Rules
Big Plans, Little ExplosionsFollow the MoneyThe Price of Success
Communists Aging UngracefullyGrinding Down the TerroristsCommunists and Coup Plotters and Corruption
Bandits With a CauseAbu Sayyaf And The Bodyguard of CashKilling for Corruption
Saddam Supported Abu SayyafTerrorists in the MistMilitary Refuses to Attack Itself
Shutting Down Sanctuaries for Islamic TerroristsModerate Moslems Make PeaceCivilians Burn Communist Rebels
Unrest in the RanksCommunists Attempt a ComebackRebels In Search of Drama

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