Nepal: Peace and Disarmament Deal


November10, 2006: The UN cannot get enough arms monitors to Nepal to meet the November 21st disarmament deadline. There are already accusations that the Maoists are building additional weapons stockpiles, to be kept out of UN control, and will continue to exercise control in areas it currently runs. In the east, three children died when they played with a bomb Maoist gunmen had lost track of and abandoned.

November 7, 2006: The Maoists made a deal to disarm and join the government. The Maoist weapons would be stored, by November 21st, in locations monitored by the UN, while the Maoist fighters would stay in seven camps. The army would have to surrender and store an equal number of weapons. The fate of the monarchy would be decided next year by a special assembly, elected by the entire nation.

November 3, 2006: Maoists stopped an army convoy outside the capital, insisting that the trucks were carrying weapons, and were in violation of the peace deal. But the trucks only contained uniforms, although the soldiers refused to allow the armed rebels to conduct a search.


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