Nepal: We Have The Power


October 11, 2006: The political parties and Maoists have agreed to form a new government next month, and call a special assembly to work out a new constitution. The Maoists still insist that the monarchy be abolished and all "unequal treaties" (mainly with India) be repudiated and renegotiated.
October 5, 2006: India is increasing the number of guard posts on the Nepalese 60 percent (from 45 to 72), in order to control the movement of Indian Maoists, and Pakistani intelligence agents (which India believes are operating out of Nepal.)
October 4, 2006: Maoists have blocked the signing of an extradition treaty with India. The Maoists did this because such a treaty would have made it more difficult for Nepalese Maoists to take refuge in India, and Indian Maoists to take refuge in Nepal.
October 3, 2006: The Maoists believe that, had they not agreed to a truce last April, that they would have been able to take power within a week. The Maoists believe that they can still do this, mainly because of the number of armed men they have ready for action in the Katmandu valley, where the capital, and a large chunk of Nepal's population, is. Now this may all be for morale building, as it was announced before a meeting of mid-level Maoist leaders. But now it is official, and a lot of Maoists will believe it.


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