Nepal: A Bolshevik Revolution is in the Air


September 14, 2006: The Maoists are insisting that they will not disarm until the monarchy is abolished, something that popular opinion will not support. Because of the Maoist refusal to disarm, or stop its extortion and recruiting (often via kidnapping), there is fear that the Maoists are plotting to stage a coup and take over the government by force. The Maoists themselves often talk about how the Russian communists (Bolsheviks), then a minority like the Nepalese Maoists, used such a coup to take over Russia in 1917. Actually, the 1917 coup kicked off a four year civil war, but the Maoists appear to be overlooking that angle.
September 12, 2006: Maoist gunmen stopped a convoy of army trucks headed for the capital and insisted on inspecting the vehicles for weapons. The soldiers refused, and there was an armed standoff until more senior commanders and police could get involved and get the trucks moving again.
September 6, 2006: Foreign aid donors are demanding that the government do something about Maoists extorting payments in money and goods from aid organizations.
August 31, 2006: The Maoists and the political parties are both stalling. The Maoists are still trying to take control of more rural areas through intimidation and preaching, while the political parties keep putting off new elections. The Maoists also refuse to discuss disarming, or to stop using extortion and kidnapping of teenagers to maintain their armed strength.


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