Nepal: Rebels Rebel Against Reluctant Leaders


March 15, 2006: The second day of the "indefinite" Maoist blockade has the main roads in the country largely deserted. But, as happened two years ago during a similar blockade, the army is organizing escorts for convoys. Back then, the convoy system kept goods moving, and the government was able to blame any problems with missing goods, on the Maoists. Thus the rebels abandoned the blockade as ineffective and counterproductive to their cause.

In India, Maoist and Nepalese political party leaders met to work out joint efforts to overthrow the king.

March 14, 2006: The government has offered amnesty to Maoists, along with cash bonuses, of up to $14,000 (depending on rank within the Maoist organization). The Maoists, in turn, announced another blockade of the few roads that lead from the Indian border to the capital.

March 13, 2006: The Maoists have a family feud, as they expelled two senior commanders. The two men, Rabindra Shreshtha and Anukul, accused the Maoist leadership of being too soft in their efforts to destroy the monarchy. The senior leadership was also criticized for being outside the country most of the time, and not sending their own children to take part in combat operations. This dispute may result in a civil war within the Maoist movement. This sort of thing is not unusual with rebel organizations like this. There is usually a lot of bloodshed before the factions decide who is really top dog.

Maoists seized a railroad train, an unusual act for them, until now.

March 11, 2006: The Maoists continued their terror campaign, kidnapping some 1,500 people in the past week, and terrorizing many more. The Maoists try to avoid army patrols, and concentrate on keeping control of civilians. Deaths of rebels and security forces are averaging 10-20 a week, with most of the dead being rebels.

March 9, 2006: The Army has started six radio stations, to try and counter the radio broadcasts of the Maoists. In several clashes, nine people were killed (including five rebels.)


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