Kurdish War: More Fighting, Less Threat of War


April 18, 2007: The PKK threatened to officially end the "on and off ceasefire" they have with Turkey. Meanwhile, Turkey is conducting a "counter-guerrilla" sweep in southeastern Turkey and there apparently Turkish forces near the Iraq-Turkey border. Despite all this, a full-scale attack on PKK positions in northern Iraq (the invasion scenario) remains unlikely. The Turkish parliament must authorize military operations outside of Turkish territory. However, special forces raids and a multi-brigade operation (the incursion scenario) are still in the cards. The "incursion scenario" could involve up to five or six brigades of troops (perhaps 25,000 to 30,000 soldiers). Given the political sensitivities, a smaller force package is more likely. What would an incursion look like? Mechanized infantry supported by tanks and aircraft would seize villages and occupy more open terrain, mountain infantry units supported by helicopters (and some light armor) would take up blocking positions and conduct search operations in rough terrain. Special forces would be very active, gathering intelligence and preparing ambush positions along mountains trails used by the PKK


April 16, 2007: Turkey reported that its troops killed 12 PKK rebels in a series of firefights in southeastern Turkey. One Turkish soldier was killed.

April 13, 2007: Turkey's senior military officer, Chief of General Staff, Gen. Yasar Buyukanit, said that the Turkish military wants the Turkish government to give it "permission" to attack PKK bases in northern Iraq. The public statement by a senior officer sends Iraq another clear political signal that Turkey expects the Iraqi government to act against the PKK. The Turkish military wants the Iraqis to strike several targets but PKK bases in the Kandil Mountains are a major concern. The Turkish military believes that the PKK intends to "accelerate its operations" in May. That's one reason Turkey has launched a series of major counter-guerrilla sweep operations in southeastern Turkey.


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