Kurdish War: Another Violent Spring


March 30, 2006: Turkey continues complaining to Denmark about PKK activities there. In addition to comfortable living for several PKK leaders, Denmark is also the location of Roj TV, a Kurdish language satellite service the Turks accuse of being a mouthpiece for the PKK. Roj TV denies it. The PKK are considered a terrorist organization by the United States.

Most Kurds in northern Iraq are more concerned with what is happening in eastern Turkey, where most Kurds live, than what is going on in the rest of Iraq (where Shia Arabs are fighting Sunni Arabs, which is all good as far as the Kurds are concerned.)

March 28, 2006:Syria has arrested over a hundred Kurds in the wake of demonstrations that accompanied traditional (beginning of Spring) New Years celebrations. The Syrians have not been kind to their Kurdish minority, which is suspected of supporting Kurdish nationalists like the PKK.

March 27, 2006: In southeastern, funerals for two PKK members turned into a riot that required army reinforcements to put down. At least three people were killed, among the nearly three thousand demonstrators. Over 200 were injured, about half of them security personnel. The PKK men had been killed in an earlier clash with the army, and the area contains a lot of PKK supporters.

March 25, 2006:After nearly a week of fighting in southeastern fighting, Turkish troops killed at least fourteen PKK rebels.


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