Kurdish War: September 3, 2003


: PKK rebels have ended their "ceasefire" with Turkey. The "ceasefire" was always iffy. Still, for four years the PKK at least said it had a ceasefire in place. The translated PKK/KADEK press release said: "It is announced that the unilateral cease-fire has come to an end as of September 1 and that the cease-fire can only continue bilaterally." PKK sympathizers argued that last month's amnesty resolution by the Turkish parliament was not fair. Sporadic fighting has continued in southeastern Turkey, with the fighting picking up a bit since spring. What is different, of course, is the total end of PKK sanctuary in northern Iraq. Saddam is out of power and Turkey is in the process of brokering an agreement with Iraqi Kurd organizations. The "ceasefire termination" may be a desperate political gamble by the PKK.


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