Kurdish War: June 1, 2001


: Some interesting new statistics on the Kurd War, compiled from western news reports and British sources. Total civilian and military killed (1984-2001) 37,000 (meaning another 500 people have died since December 2000). Kurd villages destroyed (1984-1999) 3,500. Number of PKK guerrillas killed in combat action, January 1 through June 1, 2001: 55. (We have run reports of 32 PKK guerrillas killed during the time spancheck it out on-line. Well give credence to the higher figure which most likely includes access to reports on Turkish Army operations in northern Iraq.) Press-reported Turkish military estimate of number of active PKK guerrillas (May 2001): 6000. (This figure is in line with the our estimate of 5000 to 8000 PKK guerrillas who have not surrendered. Were not sure, however, that all of them are currently active, depending on the definition of active. The figure of 3000 PKK guerrillas using bases in northern Iraq continues to appear in the press. Guerrillas actually inside Turkey actively engaged in guerrilla operations? Many of the PKK guerrillas are also peasant farmers spend most of their time engaged in that activity.)


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