Israel: Hizbollah Seeks Control of Lebanon


November14, 2006: Palestinians continue to fire rockets from northern Gaza, into southern Israel.

November 13, 2006: Hizbollah is demanding more seats in the Lebanese cabinet, so that Hizbollah would have a veto over anything the government sought to do. The majority Christians, Sunnis and Druze have refused. Hizbollah believes that it is strong enough to impose its will on the majority of Lebanese. Hizbollah openly boasts of the huge amount of cash it is getting from Iran, and points out that the UN peacekeepers in southern Israel do not interfere with Hizbollah, and, instead, protect Hizbollah from the Israelis. If the majority Lebanese refuse Hizbollah demands, they risk starting another civil war. Hizbollah is less afraid of another war, and this gives Hizbollah an edge.

November 11, 2006: The UN tried to condemn Israel for its attempts to stop Palestinian rocket attacks into southern Israel. The Palestinian attacks are seen as legitimate attempts to destroy Israel, while Israeli attempts to defend itself are considered a war crime. The U.S. vetoed the UN resolution, and was condemned by Moslem nations. In addition, Arab countries say they will now allow their banking systems to move money to Hamas, and support Palestinian terrorist operations (which, to many Arabs, are not terrorism, but legitimate self-defense against Israel, which has no right to exist.)

November 10, 2006: Fatah and Hamas still cannot work out a deal to form a unity government. Even if they did, Hamas insists it would not give up its insistence that Israel be destroyed. It's become an article of faith that, eventually, Israel will be destroyed, and anyone who opposes that is anti-Arab. An increasing number of Europeans have accepted this view, and this has led to a sharp increase in anti-Semitic violence in Europe. This encourages Islamic terrorists, who now believe that a world-wide Islamic state is possible.

November 9, 2006: France demanded that Israel stop its recon flights over Lebanon. The French are upset at the fact that the Israeli flights reveal continued arms shipments across the border from Syria to Hizbollah. The UN peacekeeping force in south Lebanon is doing nothing to stop the arms shipments, is not making any attempt to disarm Hizbollah, and will not patrol at night. The Israeli reconnaissance sees Hizbollah rebuilding their stock of rockets, and launching positions near the Israeli border, without any interference from the Lebanese army or the UN peacekeepers.




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