Israel: Follow The Money


March 2, 2006: Locally manufactured Kassam rockets continue to be fired into southern Israel. Artillery is usually fired back at where radar analysis believes Palestinian terrorists fired the rockets from. Israel also continues it search for terrorist leaders and technicians, and kills many of those it finds.

Hamas now offers Israel a long "truce." This is part of an effort to get foreign aid donors to continue providing a billion dollars a year to the Palestinian people. Without this money, Hamas would have to try and raise it from the Moslem world. This might be possible, especially since oil-rich Iran has offered to help. But money from Iran, a country run by Islamic radicals, might come with explosive strings. Some Hamas politicians have said that a peace deal was possible with Israel, but many Hamas leaders are violently opposed to anything short of Israel's destruction.

February 23, 2006: Israeli raids against Palestinian terrorists continue, as do Palestinian attempts to kill Israeli civilians. So far, the terrorists continue to lose. Every week, dozens of terrorists, or suspects, are killed or arrested. Hamas continues to keep its people out of the fight, but the other, smaller, terrorist groups continue to fight.




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