Israel: June 21, 2004


The Israelis and Palestinians disagree on the number of those killed by the violence that has been going on since September, 2000. The Palestinians claim that 3,345 Palestinians have died, including 617  younger than 18 years old, 30 medical and rescue personnel, 196 killed at Israeli road blocks,  344 Palestinian police and 732 from the effects of Israeli air strikes or artillery and mortars. The Palestinians claim 570 public buildings destroyed or damaged, as well as 62,888 housing units. Israel reports that the vast majority of Palestinians killed were in the process of attacking Israelis, and that most of the property damage was a result of armed Palestinians using buildings for cover or firing positions, during attacks on Israelis. The Palestinians are trying to maintain an offensive, mainly via suicide bombers and small groups of gunmen, against Israel, while portraying themselves as victims because the Israelis defend themselves and fight back.  




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