Israel: January 14, 2004


A Palestinian suicide bomber killed herself and four Israelis  at a checkpoint in Gaza, where Palestinians crossed into Israel to work in an industrial park. The crossing, and all those into Gaza, were shut down and the Palestinians are out of work until it can be opened again. Several Palestinian terrorist organizations took credit for the attack. The bomber was a 22 year old mother of two. The terrorists have been increasingly unable to get their bombers into Israel, and this attack, which took place when the bomber set off a metal detector at a check point, is typical. The interruption of Palestinians getting to their jobs in Israel is causing more Israeli employers to import foreign workers and permanently remove access to these jobs for Palestinians. This is causing despair in Palestinian communities, which helps recruiting for terrorists organizations, but also shifts public opinion towards accepting a peace deal with Israel. But even after peace is made, Palestinians will still have to face the corruption of their own politicians and officials, which has long stunted economic growth in Palestinian controlled territories.




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