Israel: June 12, 2002


: 10.0pt"> In the last 20 months, Palestinians have killed 42 actual or suspected collaborators (with the Israelis). The total death toll in the 20 months of violence is over 2,000. 

Israel has begun building a 350 kilometer long system of barriers (fences and electronic sensors) that will cost $200 million. The barrier is similar to the ones that have long been used on the Jordan, Lebanese and Syrian borders. The barriers have worked quite well on the international frontiers. But on the borders, there are more people patrolling the barrier on both sides. Moreover, the Jordanians are particularly active in keeping infiltrators from even trying to get close to the Israeli border. The 200,000 Jewish settlers in Palestinian territory oppose the barriers, as they say it will isolate them. The 150 settlements, and their buffer zones, control some 40 percent of Palestinian territory, and area major source of friction with the Palestinians.