Israel: Terrorists Terrorizing Terrorists


December 18, 2007: The fighting between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza has become another terror campaign. But in this case the "government" (Hamas) is using its police, in addition to terrorist attacks, on Fatah. For example, at the recent funeral of a murdered Fatah leader, someone tossed a grenade among the mourners, leaving three dead and over 30 wounded. Despite that, there are a growing number of Palestinians in Gaza who want no part of Hamas. The terrorists are being terrorized, and are using terror against their tormenters. Hamas is arresting Fatah officials that operate in the open, and using terrorists to go after Fatah supporters. The Fatah loyalists are holding an increasing number of demonstrations, which are attacked by the Hamas police, as well as Hamas terrorists. Fatah terrorists are attacking the Hamas "government." Meanwhile, other terrorist groups continue their attacks, or attempted attacks, on Israel. Israel sees the only way of cleaning up the mess is to kill or capture the senior terrorist leaders. So far, over the last few years, this has worked to cripple the ability of the terrorist groups to carry out attacks inside Israel. But now, the Israelis must kill enough of the Hamas leadership to cripple that organization, and allow a less bloody minded group (probably Fatah) to take over in Gaza. This is going to get messy, and complicated.

Meanwhile, foreign donors have pledged $7.4 billion over the next three years to help rebuild Palestine. The money would go directly to aid projects, or through Fatah. Hamas would be locked out, unless it convincingly changed its "death to Israel" policies. There's also a problem with Fatah, and Palestinian officials in general. They tend to be very corrupt, and prone to stealing aid money meant for the Palestinian population.

Meanwhile, in Lebanon, the political parties are still deadlocked over the selection of a new president. Pro-Iran terrorists have assassinated another Christian leader, and the tension between the nationalists and the pro-Iran parties is as bad as ever.

December 12, 2007: In Gaza, a Hamas RPG rocket penetrated the side armor of a Merkava tank. Four soldiers suffered smoke inhalation and the tank was still operational. However, this indicates that Hamas has received more modern RPG rockets ("dual warheads"), which is another confirmation that Iran is shipping in modern weapons, or that Hamas simply has a gunrunner with more up-to-date stock.




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