Iran: At War With The Kurds


March1, 2007: The government announced a new crackdown on women who don't cover up sufficiently. Every year, the morality police (mostly volunteers) brace themselves for the arrival of Spring, and lots of young women who dress in revealing clothing, and dare the morality police to do anything about it. The government fears that eventually, a confrontation between some morality police, and some of their fashion victims, could ignite violence that might spiral out of control.

February 27, 2007: The United States has presented more evidence that Iran is smuggling weapons and weapons components into Iraq. The U.S. believes that Iranian designed roadside bombs have caused several hundred American causalities.

February 25, 2007: A modified Shahab 3 ballistic missile was launched without a warhead, as a test of the ability of this missile to put satellites in orbit. The missile went high enough (over a hundred kilometers) to have put a payload into orbit. But it will be a few more years before Iran can put a small satellite into orbit with its own launchers. Meanwhile, Russia is putting Iranian satellites into orbit.

February 24, 2007: In the northwest, some 17 kilometers from the Turkish border, secret police troops fought Kurdish separatists. There were nearly a hundred casualties, including several from a government helicopter that crashed in bad weather, or was shot down. The Kurds are believed to belong to the PKK separatist organization, that has bases in northern Iraq, but does most of its violence in eastern Turkey. PKK is trying to get Iranian Kurds interested in joining a Kurdish state.

Iran accuses the United States of stirring up its minorities, but the half of the population that isn't ethnic Iranian has never needed any encouragement to be unruly. The current Iranian nation is the remnant of a much larger empire. The non-Iranian subjects of the empire have never been happy with their situation, although the ethnic Iranians often think otherwise.

February 21, 2007: UN nuclear weapons inspectors report that Iran has ignored UN demands and continued to process uranium into nuclear fuel. Iran has expanded this process, despite UN threats of greater sanctions.




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