Iran: Preparations to Grab Kuwait


October 19, 2006: Kurdish attacks have become fairly common in the northwestern part of the country. This has caused the Revolutionary Guard Corps (RGC) to beef up its presence in some areas. As a precaution, the RGC is also bolstering its strength in Azeri (ethnic Turks) inhabited areas. It's not clear whether there's been any cooperation between Turkey and the RGC regarding Kurdish insurgents. Both Turkish army and the RGC are attacking armed Kurdish separatists it finds on its side of the Iraqi border.

October 18, 2006: Kuwait announced that it's police and intelligence services had discovered an Iran espionage and sabotage organization within Kuwait. The Iranian agents, recruited from among the Shia (who are half the population) in Kuwait, were often trained in Iran. The Iranian network consisted mainly of "sleeper cells" (agents who were inactive, and went about their normal lives until activated by their Iranian bosses.) Kuwait is still trying to discover the extent of the Iranian networks, but fears that it may be a large one (several thousand members).

October 17, 2006: The Europeans, upset at Iran's refusal to consider stopping its nuclear weapons program (or even admitting it exists) are considering "soft sanctions." These would be measures that look like they hurt, but don't. This is all the Europeans can reasonably expect to do, because Iran has bought the help of Russian and China to block the implementation of any stronger measures.

October 15, 2006: Iran and Iraq have agreed to cooperate in collecting and analyzing intelligence about terrorism inside Iraq. There are radical factions in Iran who, with the protection (if not the encouragement) of the government, have been assisting radical Shia Arab groups in Iraq. If the Iraqi government can compile enough evidence of this, the Iranian government may be able to stop, or at least slow down, these Iranian fanatics.




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