Iran: Bomb Us, Please


March31, 2006: Iran is doing little to discourage American talk of bombing Iranian nuclear facilities. Such an attack would entrench the religious dictatorship that is currently running Iran. Iranian nationalism being what it is, a bombing campaign would destroy much of the pro-American feelings that exist in Iran. The Islamic conservatives know that such an attack would slow nuclear weapons research, but not halt it. Also, unless the Europeans signed on for a bombing attack, such a strike would make the Europeans far more amenable to forgetting about sanctions.

March 30, 2006: The UN and the Europeans continue to go through the motions of forcing Iran to halt its nuclear weapons program. Iran, knowing that the UN and Europe would not likely do anything decisive, continue to insist that there is no Iranian nuclear program, while continuing to develop nuclear weapons (which have not been tested yet) and ballistic missiles (which are already in production and service) to deliver them. 

March 25, 2006: The several million armed members of the Islamic conservative militia, the Basij, are being given police powers. This militia, about 1.2 million are organized and ready for active duty at any time, are willing to kill for the cause. Some 400,000 of the Basij can be mobilized and deployed within days. The government has increased training for the Basij, and passed out more money to Basij leaders, and is holding more mobilization drills. Any grassroots rebellion against the Islamic conservative government, would have to get past the Basij first.