Iran: September 30, 1999



Several attackers firebombed an Islamic center near the central Iranian city of Isfahan. The center had been attacked before. On the same day, conservative and moderate leaders have both been calling for reconciliation between the two groups, and a reduction of the growing violence. Iran released 276 more prisoners from the 1980-88 war with Iraq.

September 29 , 1999; Iran has rejected as "unfounded conjecture" a new CIA report indicating that Iran could have ICBMs capable of hitting the US by 2015.--Stephen V Cole

September 28; For the third time in four months, foreigners have been kidnapped in Iran's southeastern region. This area has been overrun by drug gangs, who bring in vast quantities of drugs from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Many of the people in this area are more loyal to their tribe than to the Iranian government. The captives are usually taken to force the government to release tribal members held for various tribes.

September 21; The United Arab Emirates ambassador to the UN expressed concern over Iran's military moves to control contested islands in the Persian Gulf.