Chad: Let's Do The Run Around


January19, 2007: A few hundred UFDD rebels in the north east have raided three towns in the past ten days. Government forces eventually show up, and the rebels take off, seeking sanctuary in Sudan before they can be caught. France has a few jet fighters stationed outside the capital, and these fly recon missions for the government. But it's a big country, and France refuses to supply enough aircraft to cover all the areas along the Sudan border where rebels are operating. An American diplomat is trying to broker a deal with the rebels. But the problem is basically a tribal and personal feud. Honor is at stake, and foreign peacemakers are not particularly welcome.

January 13, 2007: About a hundred rebels of the UFDD (Union of Forces for Democracy and Development) attacked the town of Ounianga Kebir, in the northeast. The government said they drove the rebels out quickly. The rebels retreated towards the Sudan border. Sudan refuses to admit it is providing sanctuary for the Chad rebels.




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