Balkans: July 3, 2004


The UN has finally put pressure on Bosnian Serbs to surrender major war criminals that have long hidden among the Serbian population. The UN is using it's economic clout, and power to remove Serbian government employees from their jobs to cause the surrender of bad guys like Radovan Karadzic. The Bosnian government has become stronger over the years, and neighboring Serbia has gradually withdrawn its military and diplomatic support, making it possible to apply sufficient pressure to get the people responsible for a lot of the mass murders of the 1990s, to surrender. 

Turkish police reported that, on June 25th, they had found a disabled a remote control car bomb in an Istanbul parking lot. Islamic radicals ware suspected. The bomb was 14 pounds of explosives in a spare tire, connected to a cell phone and detonator. Leftist, Kurdish and Islamic rebels are all planting bombs, although Turkish police are also receiving many tips on these bombing attempts.




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