Balkans: January 26, 2004


Turkey asked the US to mediate new Cyprus reunification negotiations. One report said that Turkey was specifically seeking US diplomatic action by May 2004 to help promote a political solution on the divided island. The United Kingdom is actively involved in the new talks, the report said. May 2004 is when Cyprus, or at least the Greek half of the island, is scheduled to join the European Union. Given all the turmoil in the Middle East and the Balkans, Turkey, Greece, and the US all have an interest in peacefully settling the Cyprus issue. Its not simply a matter of further reducing the possibility of conflict between Greece and Turkey. The example of diplomatic, military and economic cooperation would give US policy in the region with a tremendous boost. Cyprus would serve as an example to Iraqs ethnically divided communities. Cooperate, get rid of murderous radicals, and peace will set the stage for economic growth.  (Austin Bay)




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