Balkans: January 12, 2004


: Water is a big strategic issue in the Middle East. It is far more valuable than oil. Israel and Turkey recently reached a very telling armaments agreement. Turkey will ship Israel millions of liters of fresh water in exchange for Israeli arms and munitions. The water will be shipped in ocean tankers from Turkish to Israeli seaports. Here are some of the specifics as reported in the international press: The water for arms deal will last 20 years. Each year Turkey will send Israel 50 million cubic meters of water. Israel will build several large water tanker ships to carry the water. The water will come from Turkeys Manavgat River. In return, Turkey will receive Israeli armored vehicles and air force technology. Both nations see this as a win-win deal. Heres a thought, which may seem farfetched at the moment, but check it out in five years: One of the main reasons the Israelis are reluctant to reach a deal with Syria about the Golan Heights is because the Golan is a key regional water resource. If Syria moderates politically, the reliable supplies of water from Turkey may give the Israelis more flexibility on the Golan issue. (Austin Bay)




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