Balkans: November 26, 2003


The SRNA news agency reported that international peacekeepers in Kosovo stepped up their security measures in the early evening, after the United Nations mission received warning of a possible terrorist attack in the next 72 hours. Reinforced KFOR troops were seen guarding all entrances to the main UN building and monitoring traffic at all junctions in central Pristina, while members of the Kosovo Police Service secured all the access roads in to the capital.

Meanwhile, Serbian politicians have claimed that that UNMIK and the interim Kosovo institutions were responsible for the deteriorating safety conditions in the province. A number of violent incidents across the province have sparked in the past ten days, the most serious when two men were killed near Gnjilane on November 16. UNMIK arrested two Serb nationals in connection with the murder but released them two days later for lack of evidence. - Adam Geibel 




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