Balkans: October 3, 2003


The exhumation of the mass grave at Crni Vrh (near Zvornik, Bosnia) has been going on for several months. This forensic process is one of the best documentary proofs of the mass murder committed in Bosnia from 1992-1995. Bosnian forensic experts now report they have found the remains of 629 people in the grave site. Documents and clothing identify most of the dead as Bosniak Muslims who lived in the area and were slain by Bosnian Serb death squads. The report said several of the dead were from the town of Zvornik. The grave also contains the bodies of Muslims from the towns of Vlasenica and Bratunac. The investigators believe most of the people from Vlasenica and Braunac were killed in 1992. The grave site also contains the bodies of people from other areas in Bosnia. The report suggested that these bodies had been previously buried, dug up, then moved to Crni Vrh. So what's the total number of bodies exhumed from the approximately 300 grave sites investigated in Bosnia? The Bosnian government has exhumed over 17,000 corpses.




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