Balkans: May 9, 2003


Germany said it would reduce its armed forces in Kosovo. Germany intends to pull 140 Luftwaffe security troops from the town of Prizren (site of the German forces main headquarters). A unit from the country of Georgia will replace them. Germany currently has 3700 troops in Kosovo.

Turkey said that it would agree to end its embargo and other restrictions it imposes on Greek Cyprus in exchange for the removal of international sanctions against the Turkish-controlled half of the island. Turkey still favors a two state solution. However, with the opening of crossing points between the Greek and Turk halves, many Greek and Turk Cypriots are getting ahead of the politicians. The Turkish Cypriots opened the Green Line (border) so visitors could cross April 23. Now the Turk and Greek Cypriots are asking why cant they move goods as well.




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