Balkans: February 2, 2003


Greece continues its domestic anti-terror campaign, a campaign that's slowly cleaning up three decades of terrorist activity. This time the Greek anti-terrorist cops busted a member of the ELA (Greek acronym for the People's Revolutionary Struggle group). The ELA is truly old news from an old war, but one Greece never came to grips with. Like the RAF (Red Army Faction in West Germany), the Communist ELA had contacts with East Germany's STASI secret police. The ELA first made a name for itself in 1974, after the fall of Greece's "Colonels' Regime." It conducted its last "authorized operation" in 1995 (though an alleged splinter faction, the Revolutionary Cells, conducted a series of bombings in 1998). During that time it took credit for two assassinations and several bomb attacks. Greek police think the ELA could have been involved in several more murders.




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