Balkans: February 21, 2002


: Slobos trial continues. On February 18 the former Serb dictator Slobodan Milosevic continued his defense at his ICTY trial in the Hague. This was the fifth day of his extraordinary, theatrical diatribe. He once again held NATO responsible for the 1999 Kosovo War and said the Wests action in the Balkans was a new colonialism. Milosevic insisted he was the peacemaker. Heres the best quote of the day: "There is an inversion here. The instigators of war are accusing the protagonists of peace." he concluded his defense on the same day, declaring, "The truth is on my side, that's why I feel superior here, that's why I feel to be the moral victor. Were not going to cover the trial blow by blow, but a tough moment for the prosecution occurred February 21 when a Kosovar Albanian farmer refused to submit to further questioning by Milosevic. The farmer, named Agim Zeqiri, had told investigators that Serb Army soldiers had left him with permanent injuries after beating him in 1999. Milosevic got to cross-examine the accuser and argued that Zeqiris village (Celina) was a KLA hideout. After a day of Milosevics questioning, Zeqiri basically said he couldnt take it anymore.




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